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by Anonymous, age 12yrs
The following parasites are split into 6 different groups:

Dullitis gives you a very boring and emotionless state. This parasite makes others have an aversion to you, meaning they will no longer want to hang around with you. You have no control and can only watch as the parasite feeds on your emotions. Once you have lost all your friends the parasite will leave you all alone.

Wratheritis gives you anger issues and forces you to watch while the parasite makes you hurt the ones you love. This one is made to torture you as you watch your loved ones suffer knowing that you are causing all their pain.

Silliipitous makes you happy and giggly all the time. Now, this parasite may not sound that bad, however when it comes to very important things or when something that shouldn’t be laughed at happens, it makes sure that you are laughing when others are not. During these moments, people say that they are disappointed in you, which makes you feel miserable.

Antagonia makes you want to offend and laugh at others all of the time, annoying them until it makes everyone allergic to hanging out with you.

Darkner makes you depressed all the time, making everyone around you feel sad. This will put you in eternal misery. You will feel like no one loves you and then dismiss all the people that do love you and only listen to the people that don’t like you.

The last one is a very special one, but it isn’t made for torture, it’s for people who are so alone, particularly for ones with an amazing imagination. This parasite brings their emotions to life so that they don’t feel lonely. Their emotions become their friends. This friendship can help the person cope with being lonely and the different types of emotions can be stronger or weaker, depending on how the person is feeling. If you have this parasite, then you are a very special person and you are not alone.
Everyone will get a parasite at one stage in their lives, even if it’s only for a second. However, don’t worry, just apologise for your actions, because it’s not completely your fault.