About the Marina walk in four languages

Good Day Cork is thrilled to publish our first multi-lingual collection of essays titled ‘Pathways’.  Read about the in-person launch!
‘Pathways’ describes the experience of walking from Marina Market to Blackrock Castle Observatory, a biodiversity wonder!
This project is made possible with the support of Cork City Council and the Heritage and Biodiversity Plan.

Our Writers

Our writers represent Cork’s intercultural landscape. Their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds are a gift to Cork. They are a group of mixed-level writers who enjoy sharing their thoughts about nature.

‘Pathways’ features essays in Urdu, Croatian, Spanish and Portuguese. The collection represents a multi-lingual contribution to environmental essays in Ireland, since it narrates an experience of walking in nature and the outdoors.

A warm shout out to Cethan Leahy for guiding the writers and editing this collection.

Few photos from the launch