You are what you eat & you are what you read - your next big diet 

by Team Good Day Cork

Good Day Cork Media Diet
Photo by Vegan Liftz

We have all heard the age old saying; ‘You are what you eat’. 

With this in mind we strive to consume healthy, wholesome and diverse foods to ensure that we are healthy, energetic and full of diverse nutrients. 

But what if you were told that you are what you read?

What if  the media that you consume on a daily basis changes the person you are, how you act, how you interact with people and how you live your life?

Would you have a good hard look at the media that you consume?

Allow us to introduce you to your next big diet: your media diet. 

A media diet is the selection of what you read, watch, and listen to both online and off. In the same way that you would have an awareness of what goes into your meals to ensure that you consume only what is best for you – a media diet calls for a critical evaluation of what media you consume and an analysis of whether what you take in on a daily basis is balanced in measure. 

Understanding where your food comes from is an integral part of understanding its nutrient value and its impact on your health. The same goes for understanding where the information that you consume in the media comes from. 

Understanding unconscious biases in media, publisher agendas and content sources can help you to distinguish credible and reliable information from opinion or full on fake news. This is integral for your personal well-being as much information, if inaccurately published can present skewed views on the world and impact your perception of self or the world around you.

Similarly, if you find that some foods do not agree with you – bread bloats you and dairy will send you running to the loo – you will try your best to avoid these foods. 

We urge you to do the same with your media. 

If you feel unhappy, depressed or fatigued by your media feed, cut out the content that you consume that makes you feel this way. 

Replace it with content that makes you feel good and informs you in better more accurate ways. 

The media greatly influences society.  It informs the public on what is happening in the world and informs opinions and actions of the masses. 

In an information saturated age, with more content, media & news than anyone one person could ever consume, there is a very real responsibility for each individual person to, analyse, evaluate, create and participate with the media they consume to ensure that their media diet impacts their lives and the lives of others in the most positive of ways.