It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

It's Ok To Not Be Ok

A Mental Health Documentary from Cork

A group of women discuss and share what mental health means to them, both on an individual and a cultural level, the importance of naming what you are dealing with, how they gauge their own mental health and what tips and steps they take to maintain good mental health, including seeking and accepting help, be it from friends or through various types of therapy.

‘It’s OK To Not Be Ok’  is a documentary co-created by Good Day Cork and Deborah Oniah, a post graduate in trauma studies at UCC. Edited by Daniel Clancy and music by Justin Grounds. Supported by Career Training Internships. Warm shout out to Clare Keogh for the photography.

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Our Guests

The narrator is Deborah Oniah who is based in Cork. In the documentary Deborah chats with Sibusisiwe Mhlope, Danielle McLaughlin and Sukhi Byrne.
They have an open and honest conversation about the continuing stigma and shame associated with mental health and whether we accurately assess our own mental health.
Deborah Oniah youth worker. Debbie is a mental health advocate, and is passionate about education. Debbie is also a community organiser.  She has a law degree from Nigeria, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Trauma Studies from University College Cork.
Danielle McLaughlin’s short story collection Dinosaurs on Other Planets was published in 2015 by The Stinging Fly Press. In 2019, she was a Windham-Campbell Prize recipient, and won the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award. Her first novel, The Art of Falling, was published in 2021 by John Murray and was shortlisted for the Dublin Literary Award 2022.
Sukhi Byrne is a mind fitness coach for people seeking confidence, clarity and control to excel in their career and personal life.
Sibusisiwe Mhlophe is a final-year International Development and Food Policy student in UCC. She is also a Sanctuary Runner and member of Togher AC. Busie loves running and believes it’s the best way of connecting with people from across the globe.


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