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Good Day Cork actively seeks out interviews with those who are building a kind world for themselves and, in turn, for others through their values, words, art, projects and work. We also enjoy collaborating to create uplifting videos.
Check out our latest video, An Earth Song, which is a multilingual poetry film about Climate Change created in collaboration with Cork City Libraries.
While browsing through our collection, don’t miss out on the collection of six poems narrated on video by our Yogi friends from Collective Cork for world poetry day, a chat with Francesca La Morgia – who is director of the Mother Tongues Festival; the largest festival celebrating linguistic diversity through the arts in Ireland – or the interview with Cork-based Pakistani born visual artist Amna Walayat.
If that isn’t enough inspiration for you, join our founder Joanna Dukkipati as she explores passages from beloved books to comfort and nourish the Good Day Cork community.
Good Day Cork is committed to amplifying misrepresented and unrepresented voices of Cork. We publish positive media content. If you like what you’re seeing here, please head on over to our Subscription page to support the work we are doing.

Latest Videos

Prose and poetry

An Earth Song


World Day Of Poetry 2021

Collection of six poems narrated on video by our friends from Collective Cork. Click below to enjoy these poetry films.

Prose and poetry

Many Tongues of Cork


A Reading for Spring


What Do You Love Most About Yourself?