By Ríona Mullally, age 10yrs (2020)


*Ding Dong…Ding Dong…* the doorbell sang. “Who could that be?” I thought. As I opened the door, I saw with my very own eyes, a massive, cardboard, box. It was labelled:

Miss. Sam
56 Same Drive
The House with no Chimney

When I unwrapped the rather large box, it appeared to be a new world! I was confused.

Then, I remembered that Aunt Mary was going to send me a new planet! “I have been wanting this for years!” I exclaimed. I brought it inside and hopped into my very own, new Earth!

“Why, hello, Sam!” cried the people, as I passed by. “Hello! Hello…” I would respond. If I had a choice, I would have had a café with my name on it, but unfortunately, my new world didn’t come with a free restaurant, with the name Sam.

One of the green moons was shining bright tonight, it was magnificent!

Then, I saw the most beautiful hotel ever! As I entered, the person at the counter bowed to me, then said that I could stay for FREE ! “Wow!” I thought, as I thanked her.

In the room I was staying, there was high quality service and a luxury bed to snuggle into whenever I got tired. Sometime later, it got really dark. I went out for a walk. One of the green moons was shining bright tonight, it was magnificent!

As I made my way back to the hotel, they welcomed me back. I was delighted! I was then brought to my room, where I lay. “Night!” whispered the room service person. When I woke up, I wasn’t in the luxury of the hotel bed. There wasn’t a nice person saying “Good morning!” to wake me up. I was back in my own bed. I looked around for my box, I couldn’t see it… it was gone!

“Mom!” I shouted.

“Are you okay?! What happened?!” Mom was so worried when she heard me scream. “I’m here! What happened? Was it another nightmare?!” Mom was getting herself into a frenzy, again.

“I’m fine…” I muttered. “Just a dream…” Mom looked at me with that face, “That’s all you wanted me for?” She looked disappointed.

“Well, it’s just… it felt so… real!” I stuttered.

“Very well then, get on your uniform, just forget that the dream ever happened.” Mom walked out of the room.

“But! I can’t just forg-” I started,

“Like I said, just forget it,” Mom interrupted me.

“What an amazing dream…” I wondered.