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The Big Bathtub Billy

by Ida Weber, age 11yrs

Things are getting weirder all the time. Just last week, a strange cat appeared in the bathroom, shouted something along the lines of “I am Big Bathtub Billy!” and vanished into thin air. Oh wait, I should introduce myself! I’m Foxy the dog, and I’m convinced that all of these weird things are happening because of Glen, the next-door neighbour’s dog. He barks at me every time I go to the garden. That’s why I’m setting out to stop the weirdness once and for all! Right after I eat my dinner and talk to Big Billy, who’s still camping in the bathroom.#

It’s currently 2am, Big Billy is singing in the shower and I’m ready to set off to Glen’s house. Big Billy is supposed to come too, but he’s taking a while to get ready. What’s taking him so long? Oh, there he is! Now we need to find a way out of the house. Wait, Big Billy says he knows a way out! How clever! There’s a tunnel behind the bathtub. Let’s go!

The tunnel was full of big hairy spiders, one of my least favourite things… how disgusting! But it looks like one of the windows in Glen’s house is open. Very suspicious since it’s only the start of Spring and it’s still quite cold. Wait a second… oh no! The house is full of balloons, my worst nightmare! I want to turn back, but we’ve already got so far… Well, I guess now that we’re inside, we have to look for Glen.

There’s no one in the house! Glen must have went on holiday. This only means one thing… Glen isn’t making the weirdness… But if it’s not him… then who? ​
Yawn… was that a dream? Nope, I can hear Big Billy yowling in the bathroom. Wait, he’s louder than usual! Super Foxy to the rescue!
There’s no one in the bathroom! And everything is a mess… He’s not in the tunnel, or outside. Super Foxy to the rescue again! If Glen didn’t make the weirdness, then he probably had something to do with Big Billy disappearing. To Glen’s house!
It looks like Glen is back from his holiday. I need to be careful. Oh no, there he is! I need to hide! Never mind, I need to find Big Billy! “Who’s Big Billy?” Glen was reading over my shoulder. “You know perfectly well who Big Billy is!” I replied, not knowing how Glen had teleported behind me. “I was on my way to your house to see if the weirdness was happening there too.” “Wait, what!?” So, it turned out that Glen had nothing to do with the weirdness or Big Billy disappearing!
To Be Continued . . .