The Story of Two Best Friends

By Zyana Dowling, age 11 yrs (2020)

Illustration by Zyana Dowling, age 11 yrs (2020)
Once upon a time there was a turtle called Mango. She lived in the sea. She was fun and bubbly. Then there was a rabbit called Socks, who lived on land. She was kind and fluffy.

One day Socks went for a hop (a walk) on the beach. She saw some plastic sticking out from a rock pool. Socks scurried over as fast as she could. Eventually she was at the rock pool.
She saw some fish tangled up in the plastic. She tried and tried. It took ages but she finally got the fish out. Even though it took ages, it was worth it. She saw some more plastic and couldn’t see anything until a little foot popped up.
Then Socks realised it was a turtle! Socks pulled the plastic away. Mango was dying. Socks carried Mango to shore. Socks waited for Mango to wake up. As the time passed by, Mango woke up. Socks and Mango talked about what happened.
They chatted for hours and soon days. As years went by, they became best friends and would visit each other every day. Mango never forgot the time that Socks saved him.