Archive of Our Youth: An art exhibition to preserve memories

By Tomiwa Morris

The Archive of Our Youth art exhibition is an exploration of the artists’ youthful experiences and a heartfelt endeavor to share their memories with the public. Each artist devoted their summer to craft pieces that delve into the theme, evoking nostalgia and reflecting on the transformative years of their lives.

At its core, Archive of Our Youth is a reflection and introspection, to contemplate on one’s own past with a mixture of fondness, curiosity, and perhaps even a touch of regret.

The exhibition offered a unique opportunity to explore various topics that resonate with the theme, including:

  • The concept of innocence and its evolution as we age.
  • The influence of societal and cultural expectations on the formation of youth’s identities.
  • The profound role of memory in shaping our understanding of the world and our own selves.
  • The impact of technology on the way we experience youth and preserve memories.
  • The significant relationship between youth and creativity, and how creativity can help process and preserve memories.
  • The bittersweet role of nostalgia in our lives and its potential for both positive and negative effects.

The Archive of Our Youth exhibition was diverse and an engaging artistic landscape. The exhibition featured the extraordinary works of the following artists (their photographs below), whose talent and creativity will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression:

– Michel Meenan  & Kornelia Mlak –  “Blank

– Alyssa Delahan Meade “Our Lady of Fatima 1917” 

– Asia Ciolkosz  – “The 226,” “Balls, balls more balls” & “The sadness that cannot be fed”

– Kornelia Mlak – “Phantasmagoria”

– Meher Walayat – “Hagrid’s Hut,” & “Zodiac” 

– Tomiwa Morris – “Her Muse, Innocence” 

– Tori Ciolkosz – “Musings of the Inner Child,” & “The emergence of human consciousness” 

– Sarune Lengvelyte – “SUMMER,” “BODYFORM 1 & 2” 

– Rabbit – “Willow,” & “Solitude” 

Archive of Our Youth was a sentimental experience while a celebration of art, nostalgia, and the shared human experience.

The exhibition was curated by Tomiwa Morris. It took place from August 5th to 12th 2023, at St. Peter’s Church in Cork city centre.