Love in the park for climate action

by Team Love in the Park Ireland

Love in the park climate action Cork Good Day Cork
3rd July 2023
How can we get people to fall so wildly in love with nature that they would do anything to protect her? This was the question five students asked themselves as they designed an activity for a MTU Creativity & Change Awareness Raising Project. 
There is often a feeling of powerlessness facing the overwhelming reality of the climate crisis so the group wished to create a public engagement activity to inspire a move from Climate Inaction into Climate Action (Sustainable Development Goal 13) With this in mind the group set about designing a concept called Timber and the #loveinthepark team was created. 
Timber is a bespoke quiz for finding your natural match. Unlike regular dating apps it doesn’t match you with another person, but with a species of plant, bird, tree or insect.
Based on your answers to a variety of questions the personality quiz selects your ideal natural match and you may very well be delightfully surprised with the result. Timber is lighthearted, easy to do and imparts important ecological insights.
Unlike regular dating apps it doesn’t match you with another person, but with a species of plant, bird, tree or insect.
The project was launched at the MTU Creativity & Change Actifest on Earth Day 2023 (22 April) in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork. The #loveinthepark team installed physical boards around the park with ‘dating profiles’ of the potential natural matches beside actual counterparts.
Over 250 people took the quiz online and many more just strolled around the park reading the profiles and sharing their experiences. There was a #loveinthepark HQ with face-painting, resource books, comfortable spaces to sit and a natural mandala making space. The feedback has been extremely positive and participants have found themselves spotting their ‘match’ unexpectedly and sharing their feelings and thoughts on their matches.    

If you too would like to get matched up and fall in love with a natural species, please feel free to take the quiz and share with your friends and family. No registration required to take the quiz.

Sample Profile from the quiz

Hi there,

I’m Nettle and I’m just itching to meet you!

Yes, known for my itch-inducing sting (I prefer to call it an old tingle), you might have avoided me up to now, so let’s put the record straight; I’m extremely hospitable, running a chain of hotels and eateries frequented by pollinators including the gorgeous Tortiseshell and Peacock butterflies (forgive my namedropping), who with their offspring are hungry regulars.

Other garden stars you might see stopping off chez moi are the striking ladybirds who just love our aphid lunch, which means we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, protecting gardens and crops from local pests – win win!

And birds too flock to taste my seeds in the late summer to early autumn, so business thrives all year round, once you don’t mow or spray me.

Enough about business; what can I do for YOU? I’m great in the kitchen and am told I make a delicious pesto and cucumbery-spinachy-flavoured soup. I’ve been known for centuries
for my medicinal properties, so if you’re the sporty type who suffers from the odd injury, I can be your anti-inflammatory balm or if your allergies are acting up, you could benefit from my anti-histamine.

Incidentally, I’m associated with the Scorpio sign of the Zodiac, so if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll find someone who’s passionate, determined and intense.

As for my moody sting, well it’s short-lived if you just ignore me for a while. So why not drop by to sample my tasty tingly menu and finally ‘grasp the nettle’. You know you want to….

Yours, Ící Pící

Love in the park climate action Cork
Team Love in the Park at Fitzgerald Park (Source @loveintheparkireland)