Enjoy inspirational pieces written largely by citizens of Cork

At Good Day Cork, we curate diverse series designed to give mariginalised voices  a platform a space to speak, to tell their stories and to belong.

We’ve also archived four issues of our glossy magazine Good Day News for your reading pleasure. This was the beginning of Good Day Cork – for two years readers used to enjoy it in print form before the publication embraced a new, digital identity that meant we could also bring you positive news in the form of videos and podcasts.

Enjoy browsing through the library of reads below. And if there’s anything you’d like to see here, just get in touch.

Activist Reflections

A few students of Creativity and Change at MTU, Cork share their reflections of their practice.

Their blogs were published by Good Day Cork in 2023. The aim of these blogs is to amplify the creative practise of change makers – how they develop their ideas, how they put it in action to affect change. Get inspired!

Pathways Launch Good Day Cork Heritage & Biodiversity Plan Cllr Dan Boyle


‘Pathways’ describes the experience of walking from Marina Market to Blackrock Castle Observatory, a biodiversity wonder!
This project was made possible with the support of Cork City Council and the Heritage and Biodiversity Plan.

Voice Out Series

The Voice Out essay series tells stories that are important and must be heard in order to change the narrative. The essay collections are incredibly personal, thought-provoking, and help you connect with yourself and others.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels
Good Day Cork Protest Poetry

Protest Poetry

Good Day Cork acknowledges all rebels who rise to champion equity, justice & hold up the mirror to others who are ‘asleep’.

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We Search

Good Day Cork released a collection of writings featuring Cork-based researchers, scholars and academics who describe their work in layperson’s terms.

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Cork Research Good Day Cork Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Solstice Series

In 2020, Good Day Cork released the Summer Solstice digital magazine with the theme ‘Change.’ This zine presents reflections and stories of bravery. Good Day Cork also released the Winter Solstice issue, which included a compilation of pieces on the theme of ‘Colour.’

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The Good Day Cork digital archive is a treasure chest of positive stories from our print magazine ‘Good Day News’. Here you will also find  creative pieces from Bishopstown Creative Writers and Scribble Society, UCC.