The Power of Music

by Inga Snetkova

Inga Snetkova shares with Good Day cork about the power of music a disco to melt away borders
Inga Snetkova is a multi talented lady living in Cork. Photo submitted by author.

On the evening of March 16th, Cork became the stage for a remarkable celebration of unity and harmony. People from different cultural backgrounds gathered under one roof, representing nine nations from the post-Soviet Union for a unique disco.

It was not only a gathering, but also a testament to the unifying power of music.

The Russian language has brought people together, for some it is native, for others, it is familiar. But most importantly, they share a similar musical taste.

Together, they formed a tapestry of cultural richness, each thread contributing to the vibrant mosaic of the evening. The atmosphere crackled with excitement and anticipation as attendees indulged in tantalizing snacks, eagerly awaiting the musical journey that lay ahead.

And what a journey it was! A melodic blend of languages filled the air, weaving together a musical tapestry that spoke directly to the soul. From classic hits tunes to modern beats, every note served as a reminder of our shared humanity.

Surprises awaited around every corner, adding an extra layer of joy and excitement to the festivities. Gift games sparked laughter and camaraderie, further cementing the bonds forged through a shared love of music. No matter our differences, music has the power to unite us all in the symphony of humanity.

That evening, among the guests, a queen and king of the dance floor were chosen.

As the night unfolded, it became clear that something magical was happening within those walls—a transformation fueled by the universal language of melody and rhythm. In a world rife with tensions and division, moments like these are precious reminders of the healing power of music.

As Bono once said, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” Indeed, on that remarkable evening in Cork, the transformative potential of music was on full display. It served not only as a soundtrack for the night but as a catalyst for unity, understanding, and love. In its presence, differences melted away, leaving only the pure, unadulterated joy of shared experience. As we reflect on this extraordinary event, let us carry forward its message of unity and harmony.

In a world often divided by borders and tensions, there exists a powerful force capable of transcending all barriers: music.


About Inga Snetkova

Inga shares about herself:
“Born in a country that no longer exists (USSR). Spent my entire life in Latvia, a country with amazing culture, architecture, beautiful nature, and wonderful people, but with an economy that’s, well, still a work in progress, and some issues with people getting along based on nationality. “
“Got my bachelor’s in Multimedia Communication. “
“Moved the whole fam to Ireland when my daughter was just 6 months old. When she was born, I realised I wanted her to grow up in a place where citizens are supported, their voices are heard, and where people smile at each other. Here, even if you’re alone, you’re not lonely.”
” I’m a Senior Marketing Executive at an old Irish company, working remotely. And on the side, I’m a photographer. Photography is my passion. I look at people like an artist looks at the canvas of a painting. “
“Dreaming of a project: a portrait series of migrant women where I take photos, conduct short interviews, and write brief biographies. I want to dispel myths about migrant women. “
 “I also paint because my first education is art.”
“Influencer, running a TikTok account for Russian speakers from the post-Soviet space. I cover news, share useful and interesting tidbits about the Emerald Isle.”

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