Good Day News Summer Solstice 2020 Zine

We’re extremely thrilled to bring you the Summer Solstice 2020 zine.

“I finished Good Day News feeling that I’d learned something about each of the writers, but also that I’d be musing on the concepts they wrote for some time after. The issue was able to acknowledge that the world in 2020 is full of uncertainty and sadness, but also that we are as individual and a community – able to dip into our own reservoirs of self compassion, creativity an positivity to move us forward. What a joy to read.” – Aoife Barry, Reporter @
“….It always fills me up with so much joy. It’s created from the heart, the contributors contribute from the heart. It’s just like a hug in a magazine.. It’s not only mentally stimulating and beautiful but also visually too..” – Jeanie Jayanti, Founder, Alchemy School of Yoga (Cork, Ireland)
GDN_SummerSolstice2020_Issue by Jo D-Mc
Many Tongues of Cork by Good Day Cork

Many Tongues of Cork

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