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Did you know Good Day Cork offers an honorarium to everyone for their time and creativity – while most other Irish publications expect this creative and community labour for free?
But to make sure we can keep this space sustainable, we need your community support. Donate now & help us with that.
The steward of Good Day Cork is  Joanna Dukkipati. What does a steward do? Learn, follow, lead, gather, research, give shape, build, think, nurture, make decisions, hire, play, cry everything. The steward of Good Day Cork does everything to help it grow and achieve the vision of building a kind world.
Joanna explains, “I spend every waking moment thinking about ideas, growing them and making them a reality. It has been a learning curve since 2018. This space is not for profit but Good Day Cork ought to be self-sustainable. Subscriptions help us and donations too. I look for impactful collaborations rather spend time on funding, grants, sponsorship. I do it this way because I have far too much on my plate knowing that the work involved in changing the narrative is urgent. Funding etc moves at a glacial pace – and am in a rush. The stories have to be told now.”
Our guiding values are Grace, Integrity, Grit, Gratitude, Collaboration and Boldness. They keep us on track and inspire us to do our work.
If our work helps you in any way then please, if you haven’t yet, get yourself a monthly subscription to delve deep or make a one off donation. Either choice will help Good Day Cork sustain itself – free of advertisements and push through algorithms.
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