Be your own superhero

By Divya Ramanujam

Illustration by Divyaa Ramanujam
We all are aware of the words ‘equality’, ‘consent’, ‘respect’, ‘racism’, ‘casteism’ and other similar words. However, do we understand the true meaning of them? There is a reason why these words tirelessly pop up on social media everyday, and the reason is both saddening and infuriating. Even though we’re achieving milestones in numerous fields today, more than half the population is unaware or show regressive behaviour when it comes to issues like gender bias, racism, harassment, hierarchical differences and basic respect for other species they share the Earth with.
So many women and people of color and from lower castes die each day while we sit and ignore the brutality. Women are blamed for being raped because they were merely walking alone and wearing “inappropriate” clothes.
Men who have done horrendous deeds walk freely.
You might think as a single person, you can’t do much to stop all this, but what you can do is support another person fighting against the crime, stand by them, and more importantly, educate people around you about equality in gender, race, caste and colour.
Be your own superhero and voice your opinion out loud against these injustices.
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If you seek support please contact : Sexual Violence Centre: Freephone: 1800 496 496 Cuanlee Refuge: 021-4277698