Finding Equality

By Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil moved to Cork from India. Pratibha is a blogger and also a poet. Pratibha has a degree in Law and is also a qualified teacher. She penned the poem below in support of #DalitLivesMatter movement.

‘She’ & ‘He’ are two sides of humanity,
But ‘She’ always is subordinate to him and his individuality.
God sent ‘He’ or ‘She’ as an individual being,
But on the planet, we make them ‘female’ or ‘male’ by dividing.
Why the question arises whether he or she?
Why is it more valuable to be born a ‘he’?
Why can’t we see both as individual souls with same feelings and emotions?
They both form humanity,
But by denying rights to ‘She’ we forego equality.
She is mother, sister, daughter, wife and best pal,
At the same time ‘you are weak’ is said by all.
‘She’ has to prove herself all the time,
In 2020 her role yet to be reimagined.
‘She’ is a teacher, doctor or lawyer leading in every sector.
Yet suffers physical and emotional strife
And justice doesn’t transpire.
‘She’ doesn’t expect to be worshipped,
While she’s a Goddess.
To be treated as equal with ‘he’,
Is the only expectation.
Establishing equity
Is the way to equality.

If you seek support please contact : Sexual Violence Centre: Freephone: 1800 496 496 Cuanlee Refuge: 021-4277698