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Media Diet Comic Strip

A Media Diet Comic Series from Good Day Cork Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp It’s Global Media & Information Literacy Week 2022 and Good Day Cork presents a digital comic-zine. This zine has four chapters. Each chapter advocates for media literacy and highlights the importance of managing your media diet. This …

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Traditional and Social Media

Traditional Media v/s Social Media by Team Good Day Cork Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Social Media and Traditional Media can sometimes feel like two sides of a cultural war and at other times a parental and child relationship.  Traditional Media refers to media that has been used for decades for …

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Good Day Cork Change The Narrative spot your unconscious bias

Spot your unconscious bias

Spot Your Unconscious Bias Change the narrative We all have our biases – and that’s ok. However, we invite you to reflect on this in your favourite comfortable place and go at your own pace. This only works when we’re honest with ourselves so tread softly. Gently & steadily we’ll build a kinder world for …

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